Gourmet vs Grocery Store

Like the many people who have switched from Sanka, Maxwell House or Folgers coffee after trying Starbucks so are folks today realizing the vast difference in quality and taste of loose leaf, Gourmet and Matcha green tea powdered teas. The varieties offered in your local Grocery are the bottom of the barrel: low-quality bags containing tea dust - the tiny leaf particles that break off when tea leaves are processed. Furthermore, many of these teas don't even come from the rich estate tea producing countries like China, India, Japan or Sri Lanka where they are carefully cultivated. In fact, most of these low grade teas come from South America. The manufacturers will add coloring to enhance your cup, but not much flavor. A far cry from the abundance of flavor and intoxicating aroma found in a cup of full-leaf gourmet tea. Once you try our teas, you will never want to drink anything sold in the Grocery Stores again.

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