Happiness is...Tea, Food, Health and Joy?

Happiness is...Tea, Food, Health and Joy?

Why Drink Tea?

When tea lovers are asked, "Why should I drink tea?" it would be easy to respond with "Why not?" There’s a whole host of benefits from sipping your favorite type of organic tea: from delighting your taste buds to enhancing your health routine, there’s no single, simple answer. You probably have your own list of reasons for loving a freshly steeped hot tea on a cold winter's day, or enjoying a glass of refreshing iced tea as a summer treat.

Napa Kettle teas offer you more than just great-tasting tea. From our packaging to the villagers who grow and cultivate the tea, Napa Kettle is dedicated to the well being of our customers.

It could take hours to go through the full list of the benefits of organic tea, but here are a few of the best reasons to incorporate tea into your daily routine:

Organic and Earth-Friendly

Napa Kettle's organic teas are grown in single gardens, which makes for ideal growing conditions. From the soil from which the tea grows to the rain water used to irrigate the garden, each element of growing is respectful of the environment. And when the tea is ready for sale, even the canisters used are carefully chosen for the best care and storage of your tea leaves.

Probable Benefits of Organic Teas

It's no secret that drinking tea regularly may provide a host of benefits. Most tea contains polyphenol catechins, which is a powerful antioxidant. The moderate amount of caffeine in most teas can also give you an early-morning or mid-afternoon boost, and help with concentration. Below are more ways that drinking these teas may help enhance your lifestyle:

  • The presence of polyphenol catechins, particularly epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG.
  • The water and caffeine in tea may reduce appetite throughout the day, a great tool for people working to lose weight.

Antioxidants in Tea

The term 'antioxidants' is frequently thrown around by health enthusiasts—it's become an integral part of nutritional vocabulary, appearing on food labels and in commercials. We all know that antioxidants are good for us, but few people actually understand why.

The Mayo Clinic1 defines antioxidants as "substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals." Free radicals result from exposure to certain environmental toxins. While it's not always possible to avoid free radicals, consuming foods and beverages high in antioxidants can reduce their impact.

Strengthened Immune System

Following chicken noodle soup, tea may be the most consumed substance during times of illness. There's a reason for this beyond the wonderful feeling of drinking a hot beverage: tea contains flavonoids, which is yet another powerful antioxidant.

Stress Relief

Face it: today's world is jam-packed with stress. Over time, the stress of simply getting through each day can add up, eventually leading to health problems. An easy way to relieve stress in a matter of minutes: sit down with a nice cup of tea. The act of drinking tea can be calming, making it easier to take a breath and let all your worries float away—or, at least, to calm yourself before moving on with the rest of your day.

A Large Variety of Flavors

Whether you want a pure green or black tea, or you love the zing of peppermint or lemongrass, you’ll find something to please your palate with Napa Kettle extensive line of teas.

For many Napa Kettle lovers, tea is more than just a drink—it's an integral part of their lives. And Napa Kettle strives to give tea drinkers the best experience we can, from start to finish. Choosing Napa Kettle gives you a chance to drink well.

Healthy Diet

Drinking tea daily may help you to reach your ultimate goal. Tea is naturally calorie-free (unless, of course, you add sugar and cream), which means you don't need to worry about adding liquid calories to your diet.

Social Activity

For millennia, tea has been at the center of social gatherings. Unfortunately, many people today perceive the act of drinking tea in a group as something reserved solely for high society ladies from the Victorian Age. It's time for this misleading stereotype to be banished. The truth is, there's no better way to catch up with your friends than to have a few over for a cup of organic black tea. Brew it hot, iced, or mix it with spirits for a refreshingly fun cocktail hour. Tea can help improve your mental, physical and social health and well-being. If the above reasons aren't enough to convince you to add tea to your diet, perhaps the wonderful taste of a freshly-brewed cup of Napa Kettle tea will do the trick.

1Mayo Clinic, “Nutrition and healthy eating.” 2011. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/antioxidants/

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