Our tea Infusers Modern technology makes loose tea steeping simple and stylish. Our modern teaware includes a uncommon array of infusers – all designed to make loose leaf tea easy for living well. Many of these innovative products were made by a unique blend of tea enthusiast and mechanical engineers Napa Kettle Infusers are lead-free & BPA-free.

Product OverviewDESCRIPTION With this removable Infuser, Up your tea game..


Product OverviewDESCRIPTION Some people are super organized and time ever..


Our Diving Dan Tea InfuserThe little holes at the bottom keep tea in and let infused goodness out.Th..


Product OverviewDESCRIPTION This friendly BPA-free silicone "tea mammal" ..


DESCRIPTIONWatching tea brew can be a mesmerizing activity, and this clear mug with infuser lets you..


Product OverviewDESCRIPTIONHow good can your tea experience really be if you can't stay home to brew..


Product OverviewDESCRIPTIONGreat for steeping and sipping at your desk. Includes a removable stainle..


DESCRIPTIONThe Bailey™ Mug & Infuser protects the distractible ones among us from cold tea by pr..


Product OverviewDESCRIPTIONThis Mug & Infuser protects the distractible ones among us from cold ..


DESCRIPTIONSome people are super organized and time everything in their lives perfectly. Others (ahe..


Product OverviewDESCRIPTION Introduce the heady bouquet of loose leaf tea..


This 3-piece set includes a matcha bowl, spoon, and whisk, and is perfect for the preparation of mat..


Enjoy the perfect cup of tea or coffee with this stainless steel heart-shaped infusing spoon - an ea..


This beautiful 40 oz (5 cup) Glass Tea Pot comes with an infuser and lid, and is perfect to use with..


Product OverviewDESCRIPTION Toss some tea into his BPA-free silicone rubb..


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