Unique Eats

Unique Eats

Enhance your eats or any party with our unique seasonings, garnishes, and snacks. Show your taste buds somethings unique. These new eats can enhance your next afternoon tea, cocktail party or a get-together of one.

Our Wild Artisan Agave nectar is a real sugar, as opposed to an artificial or non-nutritive sweetene..


Product OverviewDESCRIPTION Simply pop the Ice Cream FREEZE™ in the freez..


Carefully crafted, the perfect dried wine grapes that are full of flavor and nutrition. Our wine gra..


Long considered an aphrodisiac, denoting love and romance, lavender was historically used to spice t..


Mint, mehtha spicata, is an ancient herb, going back to the beginnings of history. The greek athlete..


The juice from the pomegranate is one of nature’s most perfect antioxidants. Unbelievably thick and ..


DESCRIPTION No. 31 Sonoma Pure Olive Juice is made with locally sour..


Product OverviewDESCRIPTION Wine Country Kitchens Barrel Aged Balsamic Vi..


Product OverviewDESCRIPTION Fragrant garlic, extra virgin olive oil &..


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Napa Kettle is a family of local artisan & specialty shops highlighting the premium beverage lifestyle that includes more than wine accessories. We take the stress out of entertaining and gift giving all year round. We carry cutting-edge Loose Teas, Coffee & Tea 101, Premium Wine Accessories, Craft Beer Products, Gourmet, Picnic Basket, Good Reads, Fun for the whole family. Do you like keeping your drinks or a bowl of ice cream cold for longer? Do you consider yourself a Holiday Gourmet? Shop our Exclusive Collections Now.