What Is Tea?

What is Tea?

A plant called Camellia sinensis produces the leaves and buds that are commonly known as tea – the most common beverage consumed in the world, second only to water.

Camellia sinensis, which grows in tropical and subtropical climates, is a flowering evergreen shrub that produces small white flowers; the leaves and buds are ready to be harvested three years after the shrub is planted. Although Camellia sinensis bushes can live for more than a hundred years, harvesting leaves and buds from smaller, younger bushes is easier. Once harvested, the leaves are dried and rolled in preparation for distribution.

The traditional tea-growing countries are China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka. However, in recent years, new tea-producing countries have emerged, most notably Bangladesh, Vietnam and Kenya. Origin impacts the flavor characteristics while altitude, soil type, plant type and age of the tea plant are other influencing factors.

Each origin can produce any of the five types of tea, although certain regions are known for one type or another. For example, Japan is known for green tea. China is known for white tea and pu-erh. Sri Lanka for its black tea.

Whether you choose organic green tea, white tea or black tea, it’s important to learn where your tea is grown, as well as how it's harvested and distributed, to ensure the highest standards in ethics, quality and taste.

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